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RE-THINK how you think about Women's Sports

It all started out as dressing room chatter with a young group of women who were looking for more when it came to women’s sports. More information, more opportunities, more excitement and it developed into a brand called Beauties! 

Beauties Sports clothing line is our way of connecting people to women’s sports and the women playing in them. Beauties is the universal word for sports fan so we encourage everyone to check out our online store and don’t forget Be A BEAUTY. 

Beauties Sports Talk is a dedicated women’s sports platform, our sole mission is to talk about and promote women’s sports. Through our Podcast @beautiessportstalk we discuss the highs and lows when it comes to women’s sports. Real sports talk, through real conversations surrounding the women’s games. Beauties is an outlet to support and be apart of the exciting world of Women’s Professional Sports. 

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